Walk with Viola Thiele and Silke Bauer


“Silke Bauer and Viola Thiele like moments: You’re a tourist. You are in a strange place, you are looking for something, you’ll find. Nobody knows you. And under the park bench it is really exciting.
Equipment will be provided”. Silke Bauer


AT: From your projects it’s understandable you like to work with people and investigate the subjective experience of the individual, to enlighten the contradictions between their ideals and everyday life reality. Even when you expose a project that investigate the territory, you use it in relation to the point of view of the people who pass through it. Can you briefly explain the relation you find between the urban space and the individual?
SB: I consider it a constant challenge to use individually the public space. When somebody is engaged in it, it makes him his own. The other way around the city widely reflects our privacy and society. With artistic interventions into the living an aesthetic can also be created which is far away from the advertising, and uses independent needs, not projected from outside.

AT: This isn’t the first time that you propose a project to explore the city, also in Berlin. What drives you to this kind of research?
SB: Behind my interest lays a research for possibilities, how relations construct themselves and how to encourage communication. It’s an Art Game where actions occur. An Art Trip, where you can reinvent yourself.

Silke Bauer (1975, Friedrichshafen)

She graduates in 2003 in HfG Offenbach (Diploma experimental space concepts) at Fine Art, and then she gets a Master in Art in Context, Intitute of Art in Context in 2007 at the University of the Arts, Berlin. She takes part to different collective shows: 2012 “One for one”, Hydromemories, Museo regionale di scienze naturali, Torino, “DU ZUERST”, Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg, Berlin, “A BOOK ABOUT” NGBK, Berlin.
She won many important prizes. Among them .2011 “DU ZUERST”, Kulturprojekte in Berlin and in 2011 “A BOOK ABOUT”, IFA, at 2nd Ghetto BIENNALE in Haiti.
Silke Bauer work takes on the controversies between an ideal situation and everydaylife, shifting between play and reality to mediatate art through individual experience. Her installations and interventions are interactive and investigate the relationship between life and art.
Silke is member of the artist collective “Schmalclub”.

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Photos: Art & Tours, Walk with Viola Thiele and Silke Bauer, 30 June 2013, Berlin