Walk with Stefania Migliorati


Mapping art and creative aggregation in a path of getting lost understood as an adventure.

Trace a personal itinerary in which you are required to carry out the very simple actions indicated in the pdf (link below), such as to turn on the first road to the right, or take the first available street that you have never walked. You will need to get lost, to let it be, to let things happen, and to let meetings take place. Without fear because you’ll learn to extricate yourself and still get to your destination. During the journey, following the directives, you’ll be asked to draw the trailed path and to photograph all those reference points that you’ll build, whether they are people, objects or places, and which will allow you to orient yourself in the city.
Once you are done with the instructions go the project facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/direzionidipercorso/) where you can find also the documentations of other people experiences, and upload your map, your images and take part, if you want, to the dialectical exchange.

Have a nice walk!

A reflection inspired by the book Perdersi of Franco La Cecla about getting lost, housing, the concept of belonging and alienation, about the processes of settling and familirizing that design and build our mental maps.

PDF directions: https://www.stefaniamigliorati.com/projects/imgs/direzioni_di_percorso_en

Stefania Migliorati  (Bergamo / Italy, 1977)

Stefania Migliorati lives and works between Bergamo and Berlin. Her works and her projects are investigations on the themes associated with the concepts of space and location, encompassing many of the different notions of how these terms can be applied. The artist, mentioned at the 2013 Talent Prize and at the 2008 Premio Profilo Arte, has exhibited in numerous galleries and institutions such as La Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan, 2015), Beton7 (Atene, 2015), Palazzo Busacca (Scicli, 2014), Zajia lab (Beijing, 2012), Galerie Weisser Elefant (Berlin, 2010), CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona (Barcelona, 2009), Galleria A+A (Venice, 2009), Museo della Permanente (Milan, 2008) and Magazine (Belgrade, 2007), amongst others.

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Photos: Roberta Coletto, Rebecca Agnes Walk with Stefania Migliorati, 16 May 2015, Bergamo. Contribution by Barbara Fragogna, 29 May 2014, London