Walk with Paolo Barlascini


“The spaces are those of Berlin, obviously. Less obvious is which ones they exactly are. and, most importantly, why their influence is so heavy on us, despite being so subtle.
Dada is a dog. A little curious dog. We won´t follow her hunting rabbits through Tiergarten, but we´ll try explore some corners of the city with the same spirit of joyous excitement.
And, if we are good, of surprise.

Join me (and Dada) for a walk through some of the architecture that at first glance we wouldn’t notice and yet has great potential in the way it affects us and the society we live in.
And when l say architecture, I do not necessarily think of buildings, but in general of space, with its fascinating dynamics”.

Paolo Barlascini


You’ve lived in Berlin for many years now. How has the city changed?
In many ways, I realize. Sometimes it’s easy to go all nostalgic and miss the “good old times”, when the city was emptier, less constructed, less structured, less touristic and advertised, but Berlin has always been in a vortex of change, so it doesn’t make any sense to expect a stable situation. Even what Berlin is nowadays is bound to change. Besides, there are always places to discover.

Has living in Berlin influenced your research? How?
I find that Berlin has numerous and contrasting spaces differing in scale, chaotic if you will, blurred in their definition, but at the same time wide open, somewhat relaxing. I’m thinking about the weight that nature has in the city landscape, a certain “wilderness”. Working so much within the space, for me it´s like being a child at a fun fair!

You have already addressed the role of the explorer. Would you like to say something about that?
The explorer is someone who launches himself into the discovery of something, with a particular drive, a certain physical need for curiosity and challenge. He looks for our limits and for what surrounds us. I’m fascinated by this distinction as an allegory to the approach to painting. Just like the detective role: both have something to do with the search for answers, and with a strong passion for the method.

Paolo Barlascini (Sondrio / Italy 1976)

He studied architecture before moving to Berlin in 1999 where he got the bachelor and could concentrate on his painting work.
Seduced by the complex space and structure of the city he has developed, thanks also to his innate curiosity, a passion for the exploration as discovery of places and challenge of one’s own limits.

His paintings focus on the relation between the human figure and the spatial contest. Influenced by the rules of architecture, theater interactivity, and the dynamics of cinema, he has developed a language and a composition that aim at provoking a dialogue with the viewer.
Since 1999 he takes part to different collective shows in Italy and Germany. His first solo show in Berlin was in 2001.
In 2011 he presents the solo show Endeavour, curated by Gianluca Ranzi, for Fondazione Mudima in Milan and Some I murder – Some I let go in Berlin.

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Photos: Art & Tours, Walk with Paolo Barlascini, 20 October 2012 and 29 June 2013, Berlin