Tracks of a bionic gull


The ‘Common Place’ exhibition focuses on the concept of identity through the lens of technological science, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence. The intersection of human, natural and artificial encompasses a very wide range of actions synthesised in man’s intervention in nature and in the use of different technologies in order to increase his own well-being. Always the subject of moral, economic, social and cultural reflections, these actions from time to time update the identity parameters around which each generation questions and repositions itself: what are the boundaries we are crossing today? What will the new ones be? How can we bridge the gap between cyborg and natural identities? ….

… Based on renewed questions about the relationship between our scientific advances and their sustainability, Migliorati creates an imagery that helps us visualise a world of grafts, coexistence, transversality, on the borderline between technology and fantastic manipulation.

Is the common place therefore the human body that we all embody on the same Earth? Is it the Earth itself, on which we live? Or the belief that a solution will surely be found?

Track of a bionic grey heron, clay, 27 x 22 x 3 cm2023. 
The research for and production of this work was supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds.

Luogo comune, Sutura, Turin, 2023.
Press release: Benedetta di Loreto