The Permeable City – Stefania Migliorati

Fine-Art Print Aquarell Torchon
AP 21 x 29 cm, unique ed.
50 x 70 cm, unique ed.
70 x 100 cm, unique ed.
90 x 130 cm, unique ed.

It’s a set of five graphic prints obtained from five photographs taken along the banks of the river Spree. In an path which follows the river from north to south, the images depict the east port (Osthafen), the area of the island, Parliament, and Ministry of the Interior, and lastly the west port (Westhafen).
Following the river like critical instrument of urban investigation useful to the focusing of spots where the stream of water meets places of social, cutlural, historical, political and economical infiltration.
Places into where flow contents (goods or information) and memory (people and architecture-urbanism)
Synchronical spaces of staying and going, where nomadism meets sedentariness. Where the changes of the urban and social body go on. Slow and continuous flows of data that transform the permeable city.