The de-extincts

De-extinction, also called biological resurrection, consists of the process of artificially reviving an organism of an extinct species.

Over the course of a first attempt to reconstruct a lost paradise, some genetic engineering and environmental protection programs implement plans aimed
at the resurrection of extinct animals in many parts of the world. Some of these animals even seem impossible to imagine, such as the mammoth. Yet we talk
about it and it would be possible if we wanted it.

What choices does climate change drive us to make? The rapid disappearance of species currently being witnessed brings new urgency to the question of the responsibility of human beings with regard to other species. But who chooses which species are allowed to come back to life and which are not? And according to what criteria? Who is redesigning the world this time? And is this really the responsibility of human beings?

The de-extincts, 150 x 150 cm, watercolor on canvas, 2022

Reclaiming realms, VMB Gallery, Berlin, 2023
Press release: Valentina Benedetta Marinone