In 4 steps


Artist’s Book.
Limited edition of 100 with an original drawing included.
Signed and numbered.

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This book contains a series of drawings depicting more or less complex actions, carried out by two people facing and trying to imitate each other. I hope that this book can serve as inspiration for exercises to be done with another person, to discover again the nature of the action, to remember where it was born and what it consists of. The reader could then repeat, with a partner, and according to his or her own personal synthesis, the attempts expressed in the book to summarize gestures in four steps.

The actions are placed in an order that goes from those considered a bit more articulated to those seen as elementary, trying to encourage the simplification of the capture of the gesture and to accompany the reader on a journey through memories of movement acquisition. The work is intended to reflect on the nature of learning and the processes related to it, especially mimetic ones. It seeks to be an occasion to highlight the third space that arises between two people when they decide to expose themselves to the gaze of the other.  The acceptance of being imitated implies accepting to be studied, to be exposed to the judgment of the other, to be the object of attention of others. To imitate means to observe, internalize, repeat and possibly reinterpret. The look is an intrusive act that touches and seizes the other person who becomes part of a vision. In addition to being an act of ownership, however, it is also an act of knowledge.

In these exchanges of gazes, the gesture writes the space and the body is the place and instrument through which the gesture is expressed. It is the narrower space in which we live, a city to which we turn a familiar look. The eyes of the native who has always lived in this space is added to the look of the stranger who does not live in this space, but could be part of it, and everything takes on a different connotation. The vision of ourselves varies, it is questioned and creates a new thought that we could imagine placing between the two people.

Each copy contains an original rough sketch used to realize the drawings collected in this book. Personal writing exercises conceived to make space for other exercises.