rope, 173 x 200 x 2 cm, 2011

The installation is a ropes infiltration of white color like the Nansen Passport, an internationally recognized passport issued by the Society of Nations to refugees and displaced stateless persons. Conceived in 1922, it owes its name to Fridtjof Nansen, a polar explorer and scientist, who helped improve the refugee situation and define the principle of the monopoly of migration. Between the first and second world war, the Nansen passports allowed hundreds of thousands of stateless people to emigrate to another country. Today, the Nansen passport no longer exists. Stateless persons and refugees come into possession of the so-called “white passport”, is issued by the host state and serves as an identification document.
By questioning the principles of nation, prohibition, identity and movement, the figure of the stateless person represents a relevant cultural, political, and social infiltration.

Infiltrations (0039-0049)
rope, 120 x 35 cm, 2011

The installation is composed of a series of ropes of two different colors that constitute a synthesis of the Italian and German flags. Like every natural infiltration, the cultural one also occurs as a function of breaking points in the social body where trickles of notions escape. The actual state of (being) an immigrant in Europe reveals insurmountable integration difficulties and confrontations, proving a lack of interest in supporting a certain group of people.
Nevertheless, these realities exist and interact with the hard facts of society, providing valuable spaces of exchange.