For an Anonymous Fugitive Author: not another ramrod posture.

Written by Roberta Coletto

The concepts of public and private are unavoidably intertwined together as they rarely represent pure opposite in a binary contradiction; but rather their intersection produce multi-layered meanings existing within both; for example belonging and exclusion. Is it ever possible to fully access a private space? And what does ‘access’ mean? In her work Vassiliea Stylianidou questions the degrees of their crossing and shifting as well as researching the access to their blurred platforms. In the video installation „IM PARK_I Lie to History_Let’s build your beautiful tower, you charming boy!“ (2009), a play has been performed in front of a camera located in the park near the Allianz buildings in Berlin. The public space of the park is where the approved social interaction happens.                                               Choosing a non-invasive formal protocol, through a stream combined with the poetic-like statements we get introduced to a visual exploration of the unconsciousness. By definition this is related to the private sphere. Language is utilized here as a discursive action in narrative of interruptions. Vassiliea Stylianidou refers back to the lacanian emphasis of the role of language in the creation of the Self; and more broadly to his studies about the ontology of unconscious. According to Lacan, in fact, ’the unconscious is structured like a language.’. This concept is better developed in Stylianidou’s title “For an Anonymous Fugitive Author”. Used to sign some of her recent work; it reveals the limits, or rather failures, of the system of procedures and disciplines we live in. The strict and immovable grid of language and society is therefore bound to be contentious. It refers to something or somebody who is meant to be voicing objections. The author isn’t defined by a disturbing rhetoric (generally expressed by she, he or it) but loose grasp of policy, willing to explore how those issues transects, and intend to present itself as an empty fullfillable space of discovery and redefinition. A fluid construct continually being constituted; open to the idea of something being both itself and something else entirely. Along with text in Vassiliea Stylianidou’s work there’s an influential presence of textiles. Exported from the family business in Thessaloniki, fabric and language represent both communicative masks and social watersheds commonly used to index Self and Other in the discourse within the society. Along with the presence of the human body, it plays an important role in the discourse of the Other as it is the tool to dispute physically and politically a space and a delimitation.