• Fine-Art Print Aquarell Torchon
  • AP 20 x 30 cm, Unique Ed.
  • 60 x 80 cm, Unique Ed.
  • 80 x 120, Unique Ed.
  • 100 x 150, Unique Ed.

Domestic Geographies is a series of photographs processed using a computer and printed on watercolor paper.
The 10 prints depict 10 plants given to the artist in recent years by people visiting Friedenstr. 34, building domestic geographies of human and botanical pathways that have merged and outlined new topophilic relationships. The texts indicate the names of the people, their place of birth, the binomial nomenclature of the plants, the official name of the country of origin of the plants and the address of their new home.
Domestic space, though private, interacts with the external world and welcomes an accumulation of information related to people, experiences, objects and events. The huge amount of data involved and intersected in the process of domestication, both animal and vegetable, transports distant stories and evolves into symbiotic identities.
The subjective relationship between person and environment, the emotional bond between individual and territory, and geographical areas such as personal worlds, related experience and imagination are the issues that the artist has attempted to address in a reflection that involves topics of the geography of behavior.