DANDELION – prints, 2016

  • Fine-Art Print
  • 45 x 90 cm
  • Ed.5 + AP

On the occasion of the exhibition San Felice curated by Associazione 22:37, some caregivers (Luís Miguel De Matos, Milica Gacevic, Francesca Sartore) of the cooperative Città Solidale in Vicenza, a care facility for people with disabilities, have decided to survey the public concerning the relationship between the media and people with disabilities.
The cooperative currently has 60 residents, 14 of whom took part in the survey. 66 members of the public participated in the survey.
The questions asked, most of them simple yes or no questions, were:
1. In your opinion, should people who can’t speak receive assistance in communication?
2. What do you think about the communication of a person who cannot speak but who can communicate with the help of an assistant?
3. In your opinion, is it better that the person is always helped by the same person or by different people?
4. Should the person providing assistance also function as the interpreter?
5. Do you think it is important that an interpreter is also trained as a caregiver?
6. What do you about people with disabilities working as artists?
7. What do you about people with disabilities working as models and participating in runway shows?
8. What do you think about people with disabilities working as professional athletes?
9. In your opinion, why are people with disabilities are called ragazzi/ragazze (“boys/girls”) in Italian?
10. Do you have any other questions, comments or suggestions?
The work describes the different narratives suggested in the responses to the surveys in terms of their differences and similarities. The answers have been collected anonymously and are presented as diagrams shaped like dandelion flowers in an attempt to narrate fragility and strength.
The diagram in yellow coincides with the answers of the 14 residents at Citta Solide as a sign of transparency and the rainbow diagram coincides with the answers of the 66 members of the general public. I offer my sincere gratitude to all of the participants.