Carpeting the Ceiling

Plaster, Site-specific installation c/o Lab-Yit Residency Program, Beijing, Cina

Animation, video 1ยด50? (4:3), still frame, 2012.

During my residency in Beijing at the Lab-Yit program, I have decided to analyze the impact of my surroundings on my language.
Every day, I woke up and wrote down the first thought that crossed my mind, attempting to articulate that single thought in between the conscious and unconscious state in the hope that it could reveal some deeper influences.
The results revealed a definite change even over such a short period (21 days) and reports, as a daily diary, the phases of artistic production and enthusiasm and difficulties of the settling-in period in such a different environment.
The work has now been realized with a site-specific installation composed of the sentences in plaster glued to the ceiling where I was sleeping. A photographic image has been associated with each thought, creating a series of 21 thoughtful photographs and a video animation in which I read the sentences enriched the final exhibition at the residency.