Braces, fabric, metal, different sizes, 2019

A series of braces designed to support (brace) a number of social causes that have filled squares and streets in Europe in recent years. These include the issues of gender and climate.
Printed on the back and along the straps of the braces are slogans from the signs and banners and drawings of the objects held and worn by the protesters who took part in Frauenkampf*tag (literally, Women’s Struggle Day) in Berlin in 2019 as well as Fridays for Future demonstrations in Berlin.
In Italian, we use the expression manifestare il proprio pensiero (literally, manifest your opinion). Manifestare means also to demonstrate, to picket. The act implies physically stating one’s position. The place of manifestation is thus the place where, through physical presence, through the body, one takes up a position to expose one’s thoughts. In recent years, the body, exposed itself, has consciously become an additional platform for the exhibition of beliefs through accessories, costumes, symbols and colors meant to be accentuated expressions of individual personalities.

Braces, Installation view c/o Milchhof Pavillon, Berln, 2022.