Backbone Goldrausch + Excerpts

Backbone Goldrausch, Fine-Art Print Aquarell Torchon, 60 x 111 cm,
AP + Ed. 5, 2017

Backbone Goldrausch Excerpts, print, 14,3×21 cm, Unique Ed. each, 2017


Backbone-Goldrausch (2017) In order to deepen my ongoing research about artistic resilience, I placed my focus this time on female artists who faced gender discrimination in addition to economic difficulties. The print presents a list in chronological order of all the second jobs that some members of Goldrausch-Künstlerinnen Projekt IT, a professional education program for female artists supported by the city of Berlin, have had to hold during the careers in order to be able to survive and pursue their work as artists. I would like to especially thank all of the artists who contribute to the project.