Art & Tours – Art In Plain Sight is an online platform which collects artistic research on public space through collaborative practices.

It seeks to promote methodologies of interdisciplinary and experimental research in collaboration with art professionals in order to explore fields of investigation concerning territory, urban space and public intervention, allowing a reflection upon the connected issues, sensitizing the participants to the specific subjects affecting public space.

Art & Tours – Art In Plain Sight, as stated in its name, develops research which takes place in shared public spaces with collective communal ownership, such as parks, squares and streets. It regards public space as an indicator of the various circumstances in which we live in and as well as a location where, ideally, all members of the public are empowered to celebrate their individuality and express their own narratives.

In Details

The CHAPTERS is an archive of artistic production investigating and depicting public space. Some topics include demonstrations, cultural differences within the exercising of private habits in public contexts and the role of privately owned space open to the public eye.

The WALKS is a program of artist itineraries conceived in site specific terms and in relation to their own personal artistic practices. The walks started in 2012 with Art & Tours and now enjoys the support and the collaboration of the cultural association 22:37. The walks are currently available upon request in Berlin, Bergamo and Belgrade.

In EDITIONS you can purchase books and fine art prints in limited editions, expressly created for Art & Tours.

SUR.POS. in Public Art is a subset of SUR.POS. (Survey on Positions), an outreach and engagement program curated by Roberta Coletto where we conduct studio visits and report on artistic research surveying on political and social positions within the frame of public art.

Art & Tours – Art In Plain Sight is a project by Stefania Migliorati and it would be nothing without:

Rebecca Agnes ZARA AUDIELLO Paolo Barlascini SILKE BAUER Roberta Coletto IRMA MARKULIN Maria Mitsopoulou IRINA NOVARESE Stefanie Schairer VIOLA THIELE Chryssa Tsampazi